About Aaron Cohen

There is clearly a need for a service that embodies your values.

Aaron Cohen is Founder, CEO and Principal of Portland-based Glitch PR. Aaron will serve as your day-to-day contact. He has been a creative writer since he was a kid, where he also dabbled in hacking and skating in junior high, on a Commodore 64 with a 300-baud modem, but the GOSUB command did him in. He realized he excelled at writing and motivating others.  In the industry he is known as a PR Sniper and master storyteller. He got his start handling PR for national artists and has combined his love for language and stories with his enthusiasm for technology and connectivity. He holds an M.F.A. from the prestigious Iowa Writers' Workshop, and is an award-winning author in his own right. He launched Instatone.com several years ago, an early innovator in the online radio space that competed with MySpace. He was on the core Java PR team that ran the largest developer conference in the world, JavaOne. He developed Sun's first customer reference program across the enterprise. He has drafted speeches and talking points for billionaires. For clients he has placed thousands of articles in all major news channels, from print to broadcast, and landed cover stories on all major business and tech press. He has domain expertise in Java, fintech, retail tech, chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability. He has never driven to work, but travels internationally, and collects original vinyl furiously. He recently put chat-bots and Artificial Intelligence back on the map, which is now trending. He or his teams have received PR awards from the American Marketing Association, the PRSA, and Bulldog PR.