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Glitch is built to be different.  We overhauled what a typical agency is and rebuilt it from the ground up to serve your needs better. We plan to be here for the long haul and want to work with you for decades into the future, growing along with you.    We developed key values that are aligned with your own, and tied PR much more closely in with sales and marketing.  PR must not be an island unto itself.

Our Pillars

Your breakthrough innovation  must be seen by the right buyers at the right time.


The problem is that most companies are promised a large account team who can span the globe, gain massive share of voice, scale to different countries, bring in specialists as needed.  They are afraid to tell you the truth.


Choosing a smaller firm gets you more for the money.  Agility.  Flexibility.  Prioritization.  You essentially get a very senior person embedded on your team whose mission is to build and earn trust in our work.  




Our Process














We listen to each other, make agreements, and get to work.

What We Believe


We believe the word 'agency' is the wrong way to think of PR.  We believe the "P" in "public relations" is old fashioned.  We are your Partner.  We will scale with you and for you.  It's about the impact you need to make your story stand out.   

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