hello. i am your new pr agency.

Turing Test: Humans Still Matter

glitch is a boutique pr consulting firm founded by Aaron Cohen, an award-winning silicon valley pr veteran. We have deep relationships with people who matter in technology and culture. We plan launches, tell stories, ride bikes, and love the ideas we represent.


We decided to be a different kind of agency.

Today's best start-ups must operate on little food and pure overdrive. Without trusted partners you're dead in the water. Sooner than you think, you're going to need to rethink that agency your lead investor suggested. And find one that works for your needs.


One that does our homework.

We've given brands shine, grown communities to millions, generated demand for mobile apps and flagship events. Job #1 is to brand you in the conversation. While we've worked with the biggest, we are a start-up by design seeking other startups, disrupters, makers, and collaborators. Tell us all about you.

And welcome home.